Cascade (connect multiple ezPosters to form a larger screen)

 There are 2 ways to cascade. They both require Physical connection with HDMI in/out daisy chain between the ezPosters.  Connect the 1st ezPoster’s HDMI out with the 2nd ezPoster’s HDMI in, and so for the 2nd to the 3rd …. 

  1.  Use the “cascade” wizard to cascade. (the ezPosters have to be set to the same network, so that they can all be found in the device list in the software, refer to “the quick start guide ” or “how to connect to the ezPosters” for network setting)
    Select (Control + ezPoster selection) multiple ezPosters, click cascade from Device Menu and follow the software prompt to cascade
    Note: Maximum ezPosters cascaded width is 1920 pixels, so for EP560 with 288×972 resolution, the maximum cascaded ezPosters is 6 pieces; for EP640 with 348×1044 resolution, the maximum cascaded ezPosters is 5 pieces.  
  2. Cascade can also be set up in “advanced settings” with an offset to shift the ezPosters to its position on the canvas. For example, set the coordination (X, Y) of the 2nd ezPoster 1.9mm, EP560-1.9 whose resolution is 288 x 972 to (288, 0), 3rd to (576, 0) and so on. 


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